Answers to your Questions


What is Tribal Grains?

Tribal Grains is a retail website owned and operated by Vivente Farms, LLC. Our mission is to educate consumers about ancient grains and to support the farmers who grow them.

Where is Vivente Farms?

Our family farm is located in Rockfield, KY, about 60 miles north of Nashville, TN. You can learn more about the farm on the Vivente Farms website.

How does Amazon fit in?

We are partners with Amazon through their affiliate program. We promote the grains we believe in and Amazon handles the rest. We make a very small commission on orders through their system.

Do you sell any of your own products?

Yes. We sell our heirloom produce locally and we have also developed a line of soy-based aromatherapy products, called SoyaVente. Our plans for the future include our own line of grains and seasonings.


How to I place an order?

Ordering is super-easy. Simply fill your shopping cart with the products you want and checkout. When you checkout, you will then be sent to Amazon to complete your payment information

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

Since you are ordering from Amazon, you are benefiting from their advanced e-commerce software and security systems. While we may ask for your e-mail, we do not collect any credit card information on this site.


Who do I contact to change or cancel an order?

Amazon is your primary contact to change or cancel an order. Click here for the Amazon Help Desk.

I have suggestions for new products you should carry. Who do I contact

Please use our Contact Form to comment on our current line of products or to suggest new ones.

Any unanswered questions? Contact Us