About Us

There is a rich heritage of food that does not come from man, but from the Gods. Our ancient ancestors built entire civilizations to celebrate grains, like maize. Of course, they didn’t have a McDonald’s on every corner and that was probably a good thing.

Today, there is a growing group of farmers interested in cultivating ancient grains. Ancient grains are hybrids built by nature and man, not in a laboratory test tube. Natural selection is often cruel. It insures the best of a species lives to grow larger. That’s why ancient grains are still around. But, who decides what’s “natural” in today’s world? Food is a subject that affects us all. But it is, surprisingly, a subject we often take for granted. We should not.

Our mission at Vivente Farms is to educate consumers about ancient grains and to support the farmers who grow them. Start by downloading our free Tribal Grains Cookbook. Just use the contact form below if you have any questions.